Sanitary Positive Rotary Pumps : Products

Waukesha pumps have been the market leader in sanitary positive rotary pumps for over 50 years. There are thousands of Waukesha sanitary displacement pumps running is food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care production facilities all over the world. Waukesha pumps are the most rugged and efficient sanitary PD pumps on the market.

Holland has been a distributor of Waukesha pumps for over 10 years. Our services go well beyond simply the distribution of Waukesha pumps. Our applications group can assist you with pump selection, including sizing of the pump for your application, proper seal selection and motor specifications. We build our own stainless steel frames to your specifications and mount the pump assemblies in house. Our Waukesha pump assemblies can be provided with wheels, push handles, by-pass piping assemblies and VFD’s with cords pre-wired. We are also a Waukesha Certified Pump Repair Center.

Waukesha PD Pumps General Features

  •   Pump models with up to 500psi pressure capability
    •   Sanitary Waukesha models with capacity up to 450gpm
      •   Waukesha pumps have no bearings in the product zone
        •   Heavy duty bearing frames with large diameter shafts
          •   All Waukesha pumps have bi-directional flow capabilities
            •   Versatile 3-Way mounting of gear case, including vertical alignment of ports
              •   Waukesha PD pumps can be mounted with either upper or low shaft positions by simply turning the pump over
                •   Multiple mounting options including the new Waukesha Tru-Fit™

                  Waukesha External Circumferential Piston (ECP) Design

                  Waukesha developed the ECP style pump. The Waukesha design has arc-shaped rotor wings traveling in annular-shaped cylinders machined into the pump body. This produces a smooth flow without pulses or pressure peaks. This design coupled with Waukesha’s “88” alloy allows the pump to run with very tight tolerances.

                  The result is that Waukesha pumps are the most efficient sanitary PD pumps on the market. The design allows Waukesha pumps to run with very little slip even on water like thin fluids. The large fluid cavities in the Waukesha positive displacement design allow efficient pumps of high viscosity fluids as well. This ECP design yields much higher efficiency than comparable lobe or bi-wing pumps.

                  Waukesha PD Pump Resource Center

                  We have published a series of articles on our Blog, addressing Waukesha PD pumps, their technical features and application data. Listed below are links to the various posts. We will continue to update these as more are published.

                  Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Universal 1 Series Sanitary PD Pump

                  Waukesha's traditional Clean-out-of-Place (COP) Positive Displacement "Can-Do Pump." Versatile in application, its reliability has made it the industry standard worldwide. ...

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                  Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Universal 3 Series Sanitary PD Pump

                  The Universal 3 Series is the latest addition to the Waukesha positive displacement pump family by SPX FLOW. It offers a front loading seal design with no bearings in the product zone. ...

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                  Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Universal 2 Series Sanitary PD Pump

                  In addition to the proven operation and durability of the Waukesha Universal Series Pump, the Waukesha Universal 2 pump includes advanced sanitation technologies, long life features and installation flexibility. And to support this product, Hollan ...

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                  APV R Series Lobe Pumps

                  The APV R Series Pump is ideal for the type of application where the metal rotored pump will not work effectively. When you need to strip clean your pump because the product will not wash out by using a normal CIP process such as meat processing, the ...

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                  Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Universal Lobe Style Sanitary PD Pump

                  Waukesha Sanitary Universal lobe sanitary stainless steel positive displacement pumps feature bi-directional flow with a free draining internal flat profile pump body. Uniquely designed Waukesha "88" alloy rotors permit running at tighter clearances ...

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