Sanitary Orifices

When working with high value products, any liquid left in a piping system can be costly. We offer a line of sanitary orifices the reduce this risk when a fixed orifice pressure reduction is required in the process. Unlike most orifice plates which can leave some liquid on the upstream side of the plate, the Holland sanitary orifices are fully draining when mounted in the vertical position. The tapered interior design ensures that there will be no product hold up.

Features and Benefits of the Holland Sanitary Orifice

  •   The Holland HOMM fitting is machined with full radii for full draining. A standard flat plate orifice gasket will not drain in the vertical.
    •   Since the Holland HOMM does not incorporate the gasket as part of the orifice, you can use any Tri-Clamp elastomeric or PTFE gasket that your company may have specified.
      •   The asset number, tag number and HT# can all be pin stamped on the orifice ensuring that the right orifice is being put in the correct location and system can be started up without having to check and double check the gasket orifice hole dimension.

        Holland Sanitary Orifices Specifications

        • Size Range: 1/2 inch - 4 inch

        • Materials of Construction: 316L Stainless Steel

        • Surface Finish: 20Ra standard, Available in 15RA with electropolish

        • Documentation: Material Test Reports are standard with the Holland Sanitary Orifice

        • Orifice Sizes: Drilled per customer specification. Sizing assistance is available. Can be furnished un-drilled.

        Holland Sanitary Orifices Specifications

        Sanitary Orifices

        Part Number HOMM-(SIZE)-316l-HH 

        Specify Bore Size When Ordering