ITT EnviZion & BioviZion Diaphragm Valve



Product Line

BioviZion, EnviZion

ITT’s new EnviZion valve is a breakthrough technology in hygienic valves for the Life Sciences Industry. The EnviZion valve is designed to help users install, operate and maintain their valves in a more efficient, hygienic and cost effective manner. It’s unique design the biggest technological breakthrough we have seen in weir type diaphragm technology since the advent of the block body valve.

The EnviZion valve utilizes a breakthrough mount and turn design that allows for quick and easy valve disassembly. Features and benefits include:

Tool-less maintenance: No tools are required for valve installation and diaphragm replacement, simplifying the maintenance process.

Fasteners eliminated: No more handling loose parts or accessing fasteners in tight spots. Exposed threads are eliminated, making the valve more hygienic.

Time saving: The average industry time required to change a diaphragm is 23 minutes. The Envizion valve diaphragm can be changed in 3 minutes.