Roplan Steridose Sterimixer Bottom Mount Mag Mixers



Product Line


Roplan is the original manufacturer of the sanitary mag drive Steridose Sterimixer, invented in the 80´s. Now manufactured by IDEX Corporation, the Mag Driven Steridose Sterimixer complies with all pharmaceutical and biotech regulations. Applicable to all liquid based formulations within biotech and pharmaceutical processes e.g. injectables, vaccine solutions, plasma fractions, bacteria and cell cultures, and suspensions where cleanability, sterility and mixing performance must be validated.

Principles of Operation

The Steridose stainless steel mixer’s impeller contains permanent magnets that create a magnetic coupling with the magnet rotor. The magnet rotor is coupled to a gear reducer and motor assembly. The bearing assembly provides a rotating surface to the impeller. There is no physical connection between the drive unit outside the vessel, and the impeller inside. Therefore, there is no penetration to the vessel, which eliminates the need for any mechanical seal or other sealing devices.