Bio-Simplex Carboys

Saint Gobain now offers the Bio-Simplex™ Polypropylene Carboys for advanced liquid handling and solution storage for many pharma applications. Saint-Gobain offers four popular sizes of carboys: 5 L, 10 L, 20 L and 40 L manufactured from high quality polypropylene, which is resistant to chemicals . Many times, users autoclaving plastic carboys experience deformities/collapsing from elevated temps. Not with these. The Bio-Simplex carboys can withstand sterilization temperatures up to 275°F (135°C)

The carboy’s body includes design features that allow the user to easily hold, lift, fill, and pour while the versatile Container closure technology provides interchangeable and leak-proof topconnections. The Bio-Simplex carboys are available with or without an autoclavable spigot. They also feature easy-to-read certified graduation marks with ± 5% accuracy, large molded marks for clearly identifiable volume and material. The Bio-Simplex system–carboy, cap, and spigot is autoclavable.

Additionally, a Bio-Simplex Container Closure can be added to create a complete container assembly when combined with cap and container. This economical assembly, designed for single use, can successfully replace stainless steel closures and eliminate costs such as cleaning, validation and assembly, and the contamination from repeated use.

Product Features:

  • Efficiency Gains: Rectangular design helps end users fit more bottles on to an autoclave cart compared to circular (3:2 ratio)
  • Improved Ergonomics: Large top handles and bottom grip for easier transport
  • Efficiency: Wide mouth for easy cleaning
  • Versatile: High autoclave temps (135C)
  • Manufacturing Flexibility: Can be used in conjunction with C-Flex or SaniTech EZ Top Systems (molded bottle systems) and also comes with an optional
  • Accurate: Large, easy to read graduation marks with ± 5% accuracy
  • Customization is readily available

Bio-Simplex Carboy Applications

  • Media Storage
  • Formulation Hold for Shipment
  • Cell Culture
  • Final Formulation to Filler

Polypropylene Carboy Ordering Information

Part No.DescriptionSize LSpigotCap SizeQty/Pack
DCB0580Bio-Simplex Carboy with Closed Cap5No831
DCB0580SBio-Simplex Carboy with Closed Cap and Spigot5Yes831
DCB1080Bio-Simplex Carboy with Closed Cap10No831
DCB1080SBio-Simplex Carboy with Closed Cap and Spigot10Yes831
DCB1080Bio-Simplex Carboy with 3" Sanitary Neck10NoNone1
DCB20120Bio-Simplex Carboy with Closed Cap20No1201
DCB20120SBio-Simplex Carboy with Closed Cap and Spigot20Yes1201
DCB20120Bio-Simplex Carboy with 3" Sanitary Neck20NoNone1
DCB40120Bio-Simplex Carboy with Closed Cap40No1201
DCB40120SBio-Simplex Carboy with Closed Cap and Spigot40Yes1201
DCB40120Bio-Simplex Carboy with 3" Sanitary Neck40NoNone1