Masterflex L/S Series Pumps - Flow Rates to 3.4mL/min

Masterflex® manufactures a broad range of peristaltic pumps ideally suited for many biopharmaceutical process and laboratory applications.

Product Features:

  • High volumetric efficiency allows operation in metering
  • Pump flow rates from 0.1 lpm to 37lpm
  • Masterflex pumps have no seals in contact with the medium pumped
  • Broad selection of Masterflex tubing for biopharmaceutical pump applications
  • The pumps have no valves to clog
  • Masterflex Pumps are capable of running dry with and pumping fluids with high quantities of entrained air
  • Multi-Channel models for low pulsation requirements
  • L/S and B/T Series Masterflex pumps have a choice between Easy-Load and High Perfomancne Pump Heads
  • A wide choice of Masterflex pump tube matierials including: C-Flex, platinum cured silicone, Tygon and Pharmed

Masterflex L/S Industrial Process Drive Pump

  • Flow Range 0.1-3400mL/min
  • Cartridge flow rate: 0.0005 to 1700 mL/min per channel
  • Five-digit LED display shows six parameters: flow rate, rpm, dispense volume, cumulative volume, dispense interval time, and copy number
  • The pumps can dispense by: Volume—mL (0.001 to 99,999), liters, or gallons Copy—1 to 99,999 cycles
  • Washdown process drive is IP66, NEMA 4X rated
  • Set time interval (delay) between dispense cycles for hands-free dispensing

Masterflex P/S Industrial Process Drive Pump

Masterflex L/S Variable Speed Brushless Digital Pump

  • 0-3400 ml/min (0 to 54 GPH) with High Performance pump head.
  • Maintenance-free reversible motor—quiet operation and no brushes to replace
  • The Masterflex L/S digital pump has reversible flow, remote control, and tachometer feedback
  • Dual voltage: 115 VAC and 230 VAC
  • The pumps features four-digit LED display shows four different parameters: flow rate, dispense volume, copy, and motor rpm

Masterflex P/S Variable Speed Brushless Digital Pump

Masterflex Brushless Digital Pump with Wall Mount Controller

  • Feature a IP56-rated wall-mount controller and full-featured remote control capabilities
  • Precise PWM speed control maximizes accuracy and efficiency
  • IP56 controller/motor—washdown rated
  • 7.6-m (25-ft) cable connects motor and controller
  • Field calibration function allows more accurate flow when installed in system
  • Reversible—purge before or after pumping
  • Four-digit LED display shows four different parameters: flow rate, dispense volume, copy, and motor rpm

Masterflex Brushless Digital Pump with Wall Mount Controller

Masterflex L/S Fixed Speed Pumps

  • Ideal for very low-flow applications
  • Deliver flow rates from 0.06 to 348 mL/min (0.001 to 5.5 GPH)
  • The pump is capable of operating 24 hours per day
  • Masterflex P/S fixed speed drives feature continuous-duty brushless AC motors
  • On/off switch provides easy, safe control of motor
  • Thermally protected motor automatically shuts down in overheat conditions

Masterflex P/S Fixed Speed Pump