W60 Series Sanitary Shut Off and Divert Valves

The Waukesha W60 Series sanitary single seat valves are the ultimate in easy cleaning, high pressure, low maintenance design. With 16 standard sanitary bodies, 12 different actuators, 5 stem types, and a wide range of control tops, the valves can be configured to precisely fit any application.


Product Wetted: ASTM 316L (UNS-S31603); (DIN-1.4404)
Non-Product: : ASTM 304 (UNS-S30400); (DIN-1.4301)
Seat Material: : Tef FlowTM (Std) , Options: EPDM, FKM, stainless steel, TFP
Surface Finish: : 32Ra (<0.8 ?m, higher finishes are available

Product Features:

  • Waukesha W60 Series Bodies are machined from solid bar 316L with laser welded ports
  • Standard sanitary clamps used to connect adaptors and bodies
  • High pressure capability
  • Seal options - Tef-Flow, Tef-Flow P, Tri-Ring (FKM or EPDM), Metal Plug, or Molded Rubber
  • The Waukesha W60 valves have open yoke 3A design
  • Sizes 1” to 6”
  • Waukehsa offers wide choice of actuator options
  • Over 30 different valve configurations available

Waukesha Sanitary 60 Series Valve Pressure Ratings

Size/Pressure Rating1"/1.5"2"2.5"3"4"6"
70°F500 PSI450 PSI400 PSI350 PSI200 PSI150 PSI
160/180°F375 PSI350 PSI300 PSI250 PSI150 PSI100 PSI
250°F250 PSI250 PSI200 PSI150 PSI125 PSI75 PSI