Corroflon Hose

Corroflon is the industry-standard convoluted flexible PTFE hose for major chemical, pharmaceutical and food companies worldwide. The key to Corroflon’s success lies in its design and build quality, which guarantees a long, safe and reliable service life.

Corroflon will give better cleanability and drainability than any other convoluted PTFE hose on the market. This is because Corroflon is designed and manufactured in such a way that the angle of the convolutions is extremely shallow - 80° to 120°, compared with only 45° to 65° in other convoluted hose designs.

Corroflon is the only PTFE lined convoluted hose on the market to be fully kink and vacuum resistant at high pressures and temperatures. This is because Corroflon’s design incorporates a thick section external helical reinforcement wire which gives the radial support necessary to ensure maximum strength, whilst maintaining optimum flexibility and cleanability. The helix wire is welded directly to the end fittings at each end, ensuring security of attachment and electrical continuity.

Aflex is the only PTFE hose manufacturer to guarantee a minimum PTFE liner thickness of 1.5mm for hose sizes 1” and above, which ensures sufficient strength to prevent the tube from being internally pressurised from a sine wave shape into an extended square wave shape, which would lead to porosity, and eventually premature failure of the tube. This thick wall liner also minimizes permeation, and is extended through the end fittings to give an uninterrupted clean flow of fluid through the fitting.

Product Documents

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Corroflon Liner Materials

  • Corroflon GP - General Purpose PTFE Liner: Corroflon GP is the ‘General Purpose’ grade, for use in a wide range of applications where fluids or gases are being conveyed which do not generate a risk of static charge development (see “AS”).
  • Corroflon AS – Anti Static PTFE Liner: Corroflon AS is an essential requirement in applications where there is the risk of an electrostatic charge build-up on the inside surface of the PTFE tube which may then discharge through the tube wall.
  • Corroflon SP - Special Purpose PTFE Liner: Corroflon SP liner is for applications requiring a higher temperature/pressure rating than the GP design allows. The SP liner also provides greater flexibility and improved kink and crush resistance.  It is also for applications requiring vacuum resistance to -0.9bar for hose sizes larger than 2”.


Corroflon Cover Material Options

  • SS - Stainless Steel Braid: Stainless Steel braided hose is the general purpose product, and can be used in applications involving high temperatures and working pressures. High tensile AISI 304 stainless steel wire is used, to give maximum pressure resistance and external protection to the hose.
  • TO - Tube Only (no braid): TO grade hose (available in both GP and AS) is a lightweight hose, used in applications where working pressures are low and where there is no need for the physical protection offered by an external braid. TO grade is not vacuum-proof. TO grade tube is not normally helium tested.
  • PB - Polypropylene Braid: Polypropylene braided hose is often preferred to SS in applications involving frequent handling and movement of the hose, and where termperatures are within the range of -30 deg C and +100 deg C
  • HB - Hastelloy Braid (C276 grade): Hastelloy Wire Braid is used instead of SS where severe chemical corrosion conditions exist around the outside of the hose.
  • KYB - Kynar (PVDF) Braid: Kynar Braid is used for the same reasons as HB above, but only in applications where the reduced pressure and temperature ratings of KYB are acceptable.
  • RC - Black EPDM Rubber Covered: For the most rugged applications where the hose may be subjected to rough treatment and severe external abrasion.
  • SI - Transparent Silicone Rubber Cover: Similar applications to the RC hose, but where the hose may be required to withstand temperatures up to 180°C. SI grade hose is semitransparent, allowing visual monitoring of the braid.
  • FP - Red Fireproof Rubber Covered: As for RC hose, but where the hose is also required to resist failure in the event of fire, in accordance with Specification BS5173 Section 103.13

Corroflon Maximum Working Pressure (MWP) Variation with Temperature