TS/TSS FEP Line Stainless Steel Braided Hose

With a greater wall thickness of Chemfluor® PTFE tube, up to 33% thicker than most competing products, Flexible Component TS family of hoses is the premium stainless steel braided FEP lined hose on the market today. Its heavier FEP tube wall gives it superior kink resistance, improved vacuum ratings and better damage resistance. The TSS version of the hose has a smooth platinum cured silicone cover over the braid.

Product Features:

  • Pure platinum-cured silicone outer cover extruded over TS Series hose
  • Permits easy cleaning
  • Ultra-smooth outer cover ensures no particle entrapment in stainless steel braids
  • Reduces braid fraying
  • Helps insulate exterior from “burn” potential
  • Single crimp collar locks in hose barb and seals off silicone cover, eliminates bulky secondary ring
  • Extruded cover is “locked” onto stainless steel braid, will not move when handled
  • Can be autoclaved

Product Documents

Download TSS Brochure

TS Series Construction:

  • Inner Tube: White Chemfluor® PTFE
  • Cover: EPDM rubber


  • 304 stainless steel braid
  • 1-1/2" ID size double-braided for added kink resistance, higher pressure rating; working pressure based on minimum 4:1 safety factor; burst to suggested maximum working pressure


  • PermaSeal® crimp-style
  • Over 40 styles in a wide range of materials
  • Standard: 316L stainless steel (wetted surfaces)

TSS Hose Sizes and Specifications

Part NumberInside Diameter inOutside Diameter inMax Working Pressure PSIMin Burst Pressure PSIMin Bend Radius in .Vacuum Hg @ 70º F inlb/ft.
16TSS1"1 1/48003,2001229.90.4

  • Burst Pressure ratings at ambient 70ºF(21ºC). See applicable notes below on vacuum/pressure ratings at temperatures other than ambient.
  • Working Pressure is given @ 70ºF; Decrease working pressure 1% for every 2ºF above 350ºF.
  • Vacuum Rating is given at 70ºF; Decrease vacuum rating 1% for every 2ºF above 350ºF.  1