TLCT Teflon Hose

PharmaSmooth FEP hose has a smooth EPDM cover that achieves close to a 20 Ra surface rating, enabling you to quickly and easily remove dirt on the hose cover, enhancing the overall cleanliness of your operation.

Product Documents

Download TLCT/WTLCT Brochure


  • Green or white standard (white cover designated WTLCT)
  • TLCT covers can be color-coded to identify specific process lines or trace departments
  • Special colors available with minimum order quantities


  • Inner Tube: Chemfluor® FEP
  • Cover: EPDM rubber


  • Multiple polyester plycord and EPDM rubber
  • Double helix, high tensile strength carbon steel wire


  • Over 40 styles of stocked PermaSeal® crimp-style fittings
  • A wide range of materials available
  • Standard: 316L stainless steel (wetted surfaces)

TLCT/WTLCT Sizes and Specifications

Part NumberInside Diameter inOutside Diameter in.Max Working Pressure PSIMin Burst Pressure PSIMin Bend Radius inVacuum Hg @ 70º F in
12TLCT3/4"1 1/45002,1003.2529.9
16TLCT1"1 1/24501,8004.7529.9
20TLCT1 1/2"1 3/43201,600729.9
24TLCT1 1/4"2.003001,350929.9
32TLCT2"2 5/82501,20011.529.9
40TLCT2 1/2"3 1/42009001829.9
48TLCT33 3/41507002229.9
64TCT44 3/41506003429.9

  • Burst Pressure ratings at ambient 70ºF (21ºC). See applicable notes below on vacuum/pressure ratings at temperatures other than ambient.
  • Working Pressure is given @ 70ºF; Decrease working pressure 1% for every 2ºF above 212ºF.
  • Vacuum Rating is given @ 70ºF; Decrease vacuum rating 1% for every 2ºF above 212ºF. For 1-1/4" and larger sizes, vacuum rating decreases when installed less than 2X  min. bend radius.
  • Flare-Thru fittings are pressure rated only.  Not rated for vacuum service.