Quantex Series 19



Product Line


The Series 19 pump has a flowrate of 0-15ml/s at 10RPS. Depending on the application, up to 20ml/s can be achieved by running the pumps at 13.3RPS. The BiB-19 is a direct replacement for a gravity fed wine tap – its inlet is compatible with a 1? gland on a BIB (bag in box). The 19mm rotor carries 2 cavities each with a resolution of 0.5ml. A range of pump configurations provide in-pump dilution, valves and mixers on the outlet. Low pressure and high pressure pumps are also available.

To evaluate the technology and choose the best configuration for your application, evaluation kits consisting of a motor, custom controller, easy to use software and step-by-step instructions are available. See the documents below for the full range of pump and evaluation kit specifications.