Need Help with Waukesha Pump Repairs?

March 19, 2024

Holland Applied Technologies is a Factory Authorized Pump Repair Center

All pumps require maintenance on occasion, even Waukesha pumps. Whether you maintain your Waukesha pumps in-house or send them out for repair, Holland offers a host of tools and services that can be of assistance.

  1. Parts lists:  We maintain current, downloadable, parts lists for all Waukesha pumps on our web site.  The lists are broken down by the specific type and model number.  We even keep lists for some obsolete pumps like the Waukesha DO model.
  2. Maintenance Manuals:  We also maintain current Waukesha maintenance manuals on our website that you can download.
  3. Parts:  Holland Applied Technologies maintains a large inventory of Waukesha parts.  Most orders called in before 2:00pm are shipped the same day.
  4. Serial Number Look Up:  If you are unsure of the exact configuration of your pump, call our customer service group and give them the serial number. We have instant access to Waukesha records and can tell you how the pump was configured when it left the factory.
  5. Factory Authorized Repair:  We are a factory authorized Waukesha Pump Repair Center.  Send us your pump, we will evaluate it and send you a proposal to bring it back to factory standards.  Most repairs can be done in less than a week.

Collectively Holland Applied Technologies has over 100 year of experience applying and maintaining sanitary pumps.  If you need any assistance with your Waukesha pump, be it repairs or application questions or even a new pump, call us at 800-800-8464.