Our fabrication facility was designed from the ground up to produce only sanitary, high purity skids and modules.

The 40,000 sq ft Holland Applied Technologies facility is located in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Our manufacturing floor module assembly area features 24’ height clearance and is climate-controlled to maintain the cleanliness of our fabrication areas year round. Polishing operations are confined to specific workstations equipped with advanced air handling and advanced filtration systems.

We offer dedicated office space for module inspection teams with wireless internet access throughout. A networked AutoCAD system provides vaulted document control and daily backups.

Only stainless steel and other noble alloys are fabricated in our facility.

Our Facility
UL Listed

Holland Applied Technologies is a UL listed 508A and 698A panel fabrication shop.

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What Our Customers Have to Say…

“Holland will put in the time and effort up front to fully comprehend complex processes, resulting in a system that meets, and frequently surpasses, expectations.”

Process Engineer – Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer

“Holland has been a reliable partner for many years. They have the ability to support our business thru their vast inventory of repair components, onsite field service and new replacement components. Holland has been proactive in providing recommendations for repair kits as well as carrying safety stock at their facility to support our specific needs.”

Operations Manager – Food Processing Facility

“Holland understands our need for not only quality products, but the detailed documentation and material traceability required in the pharmaceutical industry. We’ve used their Document Locator tool to help manage documentation for our production equipment. It’s been great to have a historical record of documentation covering our long-term relationship.”

Quality Manager – OEM of Single Use Biotech Equipment

““Holland Applied is a business partner that I find to be highly trustworthy, competent, and customer focused. We keep using them for our machining and fabrication needs because we know we can rely on them to provide high-quality goods on time and at competitive market prices.”

Head of Procurement – Injectable Drug Manufacturer