Vante 4160 TPE Tube Sealer



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The all-new Vante® 4160-series TPE Tubing Sealer is the obvious choice for the reliable, efficient creation of permanent seals in thermoplastic tubing common in single-use manufacturing procedures performed in biopharmaceutical cleanroom production suites, allowing for ease of separation at the seal area. It operates with voltage rated inputs of 100-120 VAC or 230 VAC. The connection of an external compressed air supply is not required. Offering the ultimate in portability, this tubing sealer can be easily moved throughout the suite. The durable, maintenance-free sealing heads are connected to the controller with an 8ft cable and are equipped with a remote cycle-start feature to make this the only TPE Sealer offered standard with truly remote tube sealing capabilities. The controller is equipped with 2 levels of password protection for quality assurance and process control. A simple, user-friendly control panel allows for accurate configuration and operation. The sealing heads have a built-in safety lock feature to prevent them from being opened once a sealing cycle has been initiated. This all-new Vante TPE Tubing Sealer consists of the Model 4160 Controller and interchangeable sealing heads – Model 4161 Sealing Heads for thin-wall TPE tubing, and Model 4162 Sealing Heads for thick-wall TPE tubing up to 1-inch outside diameter.