A Couple of Quick Product Notes- Sanitary Pump Bearing Isolator Kits, WCB 3 Position Actuators, and APV Quarter Turn Butterfly Valves

November 19, 2013

Instead of getting into a great amount of detail on one particular product, this week I’m going to cover a couple of products that you should may want to keep in mind when selecting your next piece of process equipment.
Bearing Isolator Kits

Bearing Isolator

Bearing Isolator

Bearing isolators are now an option on all Waukesha Universal I, II, UL, and 5000 sanitary and industrial series pumps. They are an option in new sanitary pumps and can even be installed in pumps currently in the field.

Bearing isolators replace the standard grease seals in the front of the pump gear case. Bearing isolators are important to keep in mind in applications where leaking product seals and contamination can cause bearing failure. This often occurs when leaking seals are not serviced properly or in applications where high pressure, direct spray wash downs are common.

Bearing isolator kits include stainless steel isolators already installed in the bearing retainer, a tube of silicone sealant, and an instruction sheet. If this sounds like something that could help you get more out of your PD pump, contact a Holland Sales Engineer today for additional details.

Waukesha 3 Position Actuator

3 Position Actuator Diagram

3 Position Actuator Diagram

This 3 position actuator is now a standard offering for Waukesha W61, W62, W63, and W65 sanitary valves. In addition to standard closed and open positions, this actuator also allows an adjustable, third, intermediate position. This is useful for bulk/dribble fill applications and splitting of flows to two use points.

One example of bulk fill/dribble is when filling drums. At the start of filling, the valve is placed in the “bulk”, fully open position to allow rapid deposition of product into the receiving container. Towards the end of the fill cycle, the valve switches positions to “top off” the container before fully closing. This helps to limit over and undershoot associated with gushing flows.

An example of a split flow application would be with a W65 TTT style body valve. In the mid position, valve could be used to transfer product from a bulk tank to two separate fill bowls on a filling machine. Shifting the valve position one way or the other supplied only one fill bowl.

APV Economy Butterfly Valves

APV Butterfly Valve

APV Butterfly Valve

The quarter turn sanitary valve market is quickly becoming a commodity market. It’s bottomless with ever decreasing prices. APV has managed to combine the economy of the sanitary butterfly quarter turn valve with the value and high quality craftsmanship one expects from an SPX product.

Low pricing is not the only feature that makes these valves attractive. Sanitary end connections include butt weld, triclamp, and I line. A wide variety of seat materials are also available.

What really provides the customer a lot of value with this valve is the variety of different manual actuators the SV1 offers. Optional manual actuators include a standard two position handle, a notched multi-position handle, a pad lock open/close option to lock out the actuators, as well as an infinitely adjustable micrometer style actuator. These manual handles complement standard pneumatic offerings and allow customers to deploy the same valve in a variety of applications.

APV also offers the unique SV1F sanitary butterfly valve. The unique, wafer style design allows this butterfly valve to be welded in line and continually maintained.

Fully stocked and supported out of Delevan, Wisconsin, the APV SV1 and SV1F sanitary  butterfly valves are made of 316L and offer economy as well as superior options and accessories.
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