Aflex Teflon Hoses at Holland

August 30, 2011

Aflex Pharmaline Hose

Holland Applied Technologies now stock the full line of Aflex Pharmaline hoses.  This includes both the standard GP hose and the Anti-Static hose.  Both Aflex hoses are FDA approved and have been Class VI tested.  The Anti-Static hose would be used in chemical transfer and also when steam is present.

When steam flows through a hose, especially PTFE hose, a static charge can build up.  Once this charge has gained enough  there will be a discharge.  This electric discharge can be strong enough to blow a microscopic hole in the PTFE liner.  Once this happens, steam can leak through the PTFE liner and create a bubble under the silicone OD liner.  To combat this issue, Anti Static PTFE liners can be used.

The full line of Aflex hoses, both the standard GP and AS liner hoses, are fabricated at Holland.  Holland stocks 0.5” to 2” hose and end connections and these can be crimped to the length that you need.  A multitude of end connections are available from Tri-Clamp to JIC swivel to meet you process needs.  In most instances, these hose assemblies can be built within a one to two days.

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