Applying the Correct Strainer

December 16, 2009

Wedge Wire Stainer Insert

One of our clients  was using an industry standard sanitary strainer on an icing recycle loop in a cereal manufacturing facility. The plant had dual straining ability, once a strainer was soiled with overspray material, it would be back flushed to drain for cleaning.
Early in each campaign, the back flushing system appeared to be working as designed by an engineering firm. Late in each campaign the icing spray nozzles would tend to clog, yielding expensive unplanned down time.

Our salesman at Holland took the time to review an entire campaign. He determined that the strainers were being damaged with an aggressive back flushing process. He proposed alternative Wedgewire strainers manufactured by Sani-Matic that could be aggressively back flushed. Holland provided the strainers and custom spool pieces that were dropped into place during a short routine maintenance period.

The process has now been running trouble free over 4 years.  This is typical of a case study of how we apply our process and equipment knowledge to meet our customer’s needs on a daily basis.