Holland Helps Pharmaceutical Customer Hit Expansion Deadline With Diaphragm Valve Fabrications

November 30, 2009

ITT GMP Diaphragm Valve Assembly

One Holland Applied Technologies pharmaceutical customers were on a fast track to complete a sterile suite expansion. The customer had overlooked a job change, which included the addition of several GMP diaphragm valves with a 15-ra Electro polished finish and had 4 days to the scheduled commissioning date on the job.  The 4 days would require receiving the valves, inspection and passivation prior to installation and start up.

The customer being familiar with Holland’s extensive inventory inquired of the stock status on this particular valve configuration.  Given all the possible variations the valve was not an off the shelf item anywhere and the factory lead-time was 2 weeks out.

The sales representative suggested Holland valve fabrications from in stock two-way valves with a 15-ra EP max surface finish. The customer,  being familiar with Holland’s quality fabrications,  was excited to have this option available.

The order was placed and valves pulled from in house stock ITT diaphragm valves to be ported and mechanically polished in house at Holland. The ITT valves were electropolished,  passivated and delivered to the customer within four days.
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