New Product Announcement- Introducing the ITT BioviZion Diaphragm Valve

November 21, 2019

On behalf of ITT Engineered Valves, Holland Applied Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the BioviZion diaphragm valve. As an expansion of the EnviZion valve platform, the BioviZion valve includes fractional valve sizes (0.25”, 0.375”, 0.5”) designed for low flow applications in the Biopharmaceutical market.
The EnviZion hygienic valve platform was introduced to the market for 5 years. Awarded as the Breakthrough Product of the Year in 2014 by Processing Magazine, the EnviZion valve builds upon ITT’s reputation for innovation, quality and performance by dramatically reducing maintenance time and total cost of ownership. Let us first review the EnviZion valve platform and what makes this technology unique.


The BioviZion Valve with Manual Bonnet (left) and Actuated Bonnet (right)

With a tool-less topworks, the EnviZion valve utilizes a breakthrough mount and turn design that allows for quick and easy valve disassembly. Fasteners are eliminated and no tools are required for valve installation and diaphragm replacement—the maintenance process is simply much easier. This design allows for diaphragm changes to be reduced from an industry average of 23 minutes to 3 minutes. Just think of all of your valves in those especially hard-to-reach places—no more tools, nuts, or screws to worry about.

Another important feature of the EnviZion valve platform is that it eliminates the effects of thermal cycling with an integrated thermal compensation system. With a design that ensures a 360 degree active seal at all times, the valve does not need to be torqued following an SIP cycle(!). The EnviZion hygienic diaphragm valve passed the testing required by ASME BPE 2014 Edition Appendix J – Standard Process Test Conditions (SPTC) For Seal Performance Evaluation. The EnviZion valve received the maximum cycle rating, classified as a Level 500 seal corresponding to the number of SIP exposure/cool-down cycles, from ASME after it completed the test at three times the required test pressure.

The BioviZion incorporates all of the performance and reliability features of the EnviZion valve into a much smaller design. BioviZion, with it’s high strength stainless steel studs, eliminates traditional small fasteners. These small fasteners, standard on traditional small body valves and prone to galling, can’t provide the force required to achieve consistent and reliable sealing, especially after thermal cycling. With the BioviZion, all of these features- fastener free top works, reliable sealing, quick diaphragm changes and the patented thermal compensation system- are squeezed into a smaller package, perfect for tight transfer panel jumpers or zero static valve sampling.

Whether your application uses transfer panels, portable vessels, or a sampling system, the BioviZion is the perfect diaphragm valve to consider due to its size and ease of diaphragm change out. For more information about the EnviZion valve platform including the new BioviZion valve, contact a Holland Sales Engineer today.