Solving Customer Problems with our Sanitary Custom Fabrication Capabilites

April 18, 2012

Extended Sanitary Butterfly Valve Handles: The Original OEM Piece in on the Left, the Holland Fabricated Handle on the Right.

In today’s economic times, manufactures are rationalizing their product lines, often eliminating many legacy products.  This means niche,  specialty  products have been eliminated.  That is an area in which we can help.
Holland recently had a customer that came to us with such an issue.  They were looking for extended valve handles for sanitary butterfly valves.  The manufacturer for the valves had rationalized their product line and this was one of the products that were no longer offered.  The customer turned to Holland and asked if we could make the part.
We tried to get a print from the manufacturer, but they it was not available.  The customer loaned Holland a handle and our fabrication group reverse engineered the extended handle and were able to provide the customer with a better product than they had before.

We have some of the most extensive product offerings and capabilities in the sanitary process industry.  Besides our broad offerings of standard sanitary pumps, valves, fittings, hose assemblies and single use products, our in house custom fabrication capabilities allow us to go the extra mile.  We have extensive sanitary machining, welding, metal forming and polishing capabilities.

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Our Stainless Steel Custom Fabrication Capabilities include CNC Machining, Manual and Orbital Welding, Metal Forming and Polishing