The Latest and Greatest in Sanitary Electromagnetic Flow Meters

December 3, 2013
IZMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter

IZMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter

In this Tuesday’s post we bring to light Anderson’s lineage of sanitary electromagnetic flow meters.  Highlighted is the latest and greatest to come from Anderson yet, the IZMAG sanitary mag meter.

How do electromagnetic flow meters (mag meters) work?  The operation of mag meters is based upon Faraday’s Law, stating that the voltage induced across any conductor as it moves at right angles through a magnetic field is proportional to the velocity of that conductor. For mag meters to work, the fluid to be measured must be conductive. Most fluids are, but some like high purity water are not conductive and cannot be measured using a mag meter.

The IZMS for a long time has been the industry standard for sanitary electromagnetic flow meters.  Its measurement accuracy unaffected by product viscosity, density, temperature and presence of suspended particulates and solids, also with a simple two piece design gives it optimal performance in hot and humid process environments.  Such characteristics have allowed it to establish itself amongst industry leaders.

The IZMAG is the next in the line of Anderson Instrument’s electromagnetic flow meters.  The IZMAG incorporates new designs and features that help it to build on what its predecessor the IZMS has laid as the ground work for being an industry standard.  Its new performance features allow the IZMAG to excel in the most demanding sanitary processes.

The IZMAG has an all stainless steel housing that gives it the highest level of protection from cleaning chemicals and other extremes that present themselves in food processing.  The display on the meter has the ability to show numbers, text, and also images.  The combination of using both images and text allows for a more intuitive feel when programming the meter to desired settings.  The new PFA liner gives the IZMAG to stand up to higher temperature and pressure rating which gives it the capability to fulfill more aseptic and high temp applications.

The flow meter is also compact allowing it to fit into tight spaces without sacrificing performance levels.

The IZMAG boasts the following:
–        + 0.20% accuracy
–        Compact design fits challenging applications
–        Stainless steel housing suitable for all processing environments
–        3-A compliant; Third party verified in accordance with standard 28-04

Applications Include:
–        Milk
–        Cream
–        Beer
–        Tomato Paste
–        Sauces
–        Molasses
–        Yogurt
–        Slurries
–        Concentrates
–        Cleaning Solutions

When considering incorporating a flow meter into a sanitary process line the IZMAG should be the standout in your mind.   Building on the ground work of its predecessor and setting new standards the IZMAG is the ideal when it comes to electromagnetic flow meters.

Besides mag meters we supply a broad array of sanitary flow meters including positive displacement meters, sanitary turbine meters and sanitary Coriolis mass flow type meters.  Contact us via our web site or call us at 800-800-8464 if we can be of any service to you.
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