New Service- Pre-Cut Single Use Tubing, Kits, and Assemblies

January 5, 2015
Cut C-Flex Tubing Prior to Packaging and Shipment

Cut C-Flex Tubing Prior to Packaging and Shipment

At Holland, we’ve built our business around being flexible and catering to the exacting needs of the high purity process industries. We’ve been successful doing this by not only catering to our customer’s current requirements, but also anticipating their future needs. We’ve talked a lot on this blog about the dichotomy between stainless and single use processing equipment that is developing in the high purity process industry. Today we’re going to highlight a new capability we are now offering and how it can help solve common problems our single use customers have every day.

Due to recent customer demand, Holland is now offering pre-cut single use tubing made to our customer’s exact specifications. How can this benefit you? Let us explain.

Most coils of single use tubing these days come in lengths of either 25 or 50’. So what do you do if you use 10’ or 20’ lengths of tubing? Well, for many of our customers we found this meant they would have to order standard lengths, cut it to length in house, and then pitch the excess. This can lead to a lot of wasted time and material if you can only get a couple of pieces of tubing out of each coil.

To help address this need, Holland recently acquired and implemented into our quality program an Azco PC-25 automated tube cutter. Coupled with our on hand single use tubing inventory, we’ve been able to help customers reduce on hand inventory requirements, eliminate down time, and better mitigate the risk of process interruption. As a distributor for Saint Gobain, and with access to almost any other material you could ask for, we’re able to purchase your specific size and formulation in bulk and cut it to length as you request. We’re able to cut a variety materials, including platinum cured silicone, C Flex, Tygon, Pharmed, StaPure, and even PTFE tubing.

Taking this a step further, we found that many of our customers wanted their tubing to come kitted, or a single package with a variety of different lengths. By automating the tube cutting process, we’re able to offer this service as well. Again, by providing tubing cut to a variety of lengths and prepackaged as a kit with a single part number, we’re able to help our customers reduce inventory requirements and keep their operators doing what they do best- making high value product.
The next natural request our customers have is, “well can you just put the kit together for me and ship it to me complete?”. The answer to that is yes. While we’ve been offering custom single use tubing assemblies for several years now, with the addition of an automated tube cutter, we’ve been able to drastically increase throughput and minimize the cost passed along to our customers. The same engineering capabilities that have made us successful with our stainless customers allow us to customize assemblies for your specific needs and requirements. And our business relationships with almost every component supplier in the industry allows us to incorporate almost an endless combination of tubing and fittings to meet your exact specifications.

The linchpin of all these offerings is the robust quality system we’ve developed in our 60+ years catering specifically to the high purity process industry. We understand our customer’s unique needs and have skilled sales engineers that know what questions to ask upfront to prevent problems down the road. In accordance with standard operating procedures and written work instructions, we keep detailed documentation of each job and any maintenance performed on our equipment, including machines dedicated to single use components like our automated tube cutter and pneumatic assembly tools. As a critical component supplier to so many large pharmaceutical customers, we don’t have a choice but to continuously improve our quality systems to meet our customer’s increasingly high expectations.

So whether it’s 1500 pieces of one tubing length, or 10 assemblies, at Holland we are now equipped to help you with your precut tubing needs. We’re able you reduce inventory requirements and better manage your inventory. Whether its cut tubing lengths, kits, or even assemblies, Holland can help solve your single use challenge. Contact a Holland sales engineer today for more information.