High Shear Mixing Equipment

Quadro manufactures the industry’s most extensive line of milling and sizing technology. The Quadro group includes in-line high shear powder incorporation as well as liquid to liquid mixing equipment. Quadro has mixers for high shear homogenization, inline emulsion mixing, continuous powder dispersion in liquids as well as wet powder milling.

Holland’s integration technologies allow us to use these and other components in our projects to achieve optimum product quality.

Quadro is used, but not limited to the following applications:

  • Cosmetics/Personal Care
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical

Holland Provides a Full of Line of Quadro’s High Shear Mixing Equipment

Quadro® HV-Emulsifier

High Shear Homogenizer & Wet Mill

Benefit from submicron processing or suspension micronization with the lowest cost per kg-hr in the industry. The Quadro® HV High Shear Mixer Homogenizer delivers high shear mixing results without the need for high-pressure processing.

The Quadro Ytron® ZC

High Speed Disperser

The Quadro Ytron® ZC High Shear Powder Disperser was designed for the incorporation of difficult-to-disperse ingredients in personal care & cosmetics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

Quadro Ytron® Jet Mixer

In-line Emulsifier Mixer

The Quadro Ytron® Z Inline Emulsifier delivers unparalleled consistency and control of high shear process applications such as emulsifying, homogenizing, wet grinding, deagglomeration and fine solids dispersing.

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