Engineering Solutions for High Purity Systems

February 8, 2012

Problem:  Large Biopharmaceutical Company required modification to existing Chromatography Feed (Product Hold) System.  The challenge was to design (3) 3-tank modules (arrays) to accommodate any combination of (5) 8,000L Vessels and (3) 5,500L vessels of differing diameters while maintaining identical points of connection for each vessel in complex piping arrangements.  This design feature would allow the customer tremendous production flexibility depending on the campaign.

Solution:  Holland Engineers developed a removable decking insert to accommodate any vessel diameter per position on each array.  The

Module Deck Showing the Inserts That Will Accommodate Multiple Vessel Sizes

sections were designed to be easily and safely removed and reinstalled for reconfiguration.  Vessel reconfiguration became efficient as well due to the innovative piping design making re-connections quick and easy.  This design feature worked so well that it was duplicated twice after the first installation.

Problem:  Bio-fuel customer UF Module design did not facilitate vertical installation due to the lack of lifting and support points.  As a result, the (8) Module UF System could not meet the space requirements.  Further, the equipment was to be installed on a mezzanine 30 feet above grade in an outdoor pilot facility which made handling for installation and maintenance of the modules challenging.   As the equipment was on the schedule critical path, a solution was required quickly.

Solution:  Holland Engineers worked with the module manufacturer to effectively install the membranes vertically and maintain piping pitch,

UF Module with Verticle Membranes

proper support, and accessibility to the modules.  Holland Engineers further designed an innovative, inexpensive lifting device to safely handle each module for installation and periodic membrane replacement.  It is estimated that this solution saved at least a day of expensive crane rental and rigging while solving the space constraint issue and maintaining the project schedule.