• November 24, 2022

    The "HB" has been specifically designed for use in simple level control applications such as balance tanks and CIP vessels. We understand the harsh environment typically encountered in such applications and have designed this product to stand up to direct wash-downs and wide variations in temperature. The sensor is available in three ranges for tanks 20” to 60” (“low range”), 60.1” to 100” (“mid range”) and 101" to 160" (“high range”). Connections includes a 2” Tri-Clamp® and all sensors are supplied with up to 100’ of sealed, shielded cable (25’ is standard). Internal compensation allows the transmitter to perform at temperatures up to 200° F (93° C) and withstand cleaning and sterilization to 250° F (121° C).

  • November 24, 2022

    Hundreds of customers have proven for themselves that Anderson's dual-diaphragm technology level transmitters are the clear choice for monitoring liquid inventory levels in virtually any atmospheric storage application. But, what about:

    Level applications where bottom access is not available?

    Rotating filler bowls that make bottom mounting impractical?

    Wide temperature swings that cause other sensors to shift uncontrollably?

    Other top-mount solutions that fail unexpectedly due to coating, lack of conductivity or mechanical failure?

    For these tough applications, Anderson now offers the "LD" series of top-mount level transmitters. The design is based on our proven "SL" platform which provides the industry's best accuracy, temperature stability, and reliability. The "LD" is simple to specify, install and calibrate. It easily replaces problematic devices such as ball floats, pneumatics, capacitance probes and magneto-strictive sensors. It pays for itself almost immediately by providing more accurate fill levels with less downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

  • November 24, 2022

    The Level Switch (LS) point level detector is designed to provide reliable point measurement in a compact sensor suitable for a broad variety of applications and installations. Particularly suited for detection of water based (>25%) liquid media in vessels or pipes, the LS excels in foamy or viscous applications. Utilizing RF capacitive technology, the LS detects changes in the dielectric constant from air to detected media. Fast reacting, the LS will detect changes in state in less than one second. Featuring a dielectric threshold adjustment, sensor sensitivity may be selected to accommodate a broad range of media while eliminating false readings. The LS is also equipped with a status LEDs and available with an optional windowed cover allowing local indication of sensor condition simplifying startup and diagnostic procedures. A simple three wire connection allows power and signal to connect directly to a PLC without the need for an external relay module. Standard Anderson quick disconnect eases installation by utilizing three conductor cable. The receptacle even maintains NEMA 4X water tight protection when disconnected. Finally the stainless steel enclosure is designed to protect from the rigors of frequent wash downs and vibration.

  • November 24, 2022

    The Liqui-Track 800 can be ordered with one or two input modules to accommodate four or eight tanks and multiple output options. Available communications protocols include: Ethernet, DH-485 & RS232 standard.

  • November 24, 2022

    Anderson Instrument Company introduces its latest innovation for measuring liquid level in sanitary applications - the "SX" Level Transmitter. This line of sensors provide superior signal stability. The field tested performance of the "SX" transmitter means the elimination of expensive, repetitive re-calibrations along with protection against costly overflow/run-dry situations that can occur with less stable level transmitters. The 0.2% accuracy experienced at installation can now be expected a year later!

    We've also incorporated a new field calibration feature that provides "one-touch" sensor zeroing as well as simple range calibration, without the need for special tools and fixtures, pressure sources, or removal of the transmitter from the tank. This translates to real cost savings during installation or when adjusting for new application requirements.

    Of course the "SX" Transmitter is available in all standard fitting and range combinations you'll need to fit any sanitary tank application. All variations are CE compliant, meet Intrinsically Safe requirements, 3-A Sanitary Standards, and are backed by a 2-year warranty.