Viscosity of Common Liquids in Sanitary Pumping Applications

August 1, 2019

The following viscosity chart can help you get an idea of how “thick” your product is. It should be noted that these are only average viscosity estimates and we hope this chart proves useful to get an idea of the viscosity of your product when working with a Holland Sales Engineer when trying to find an appropriate solution to your application.


Viscosity (cP)
Water @ 70 F 1 -5
Milk 3
Blood 10
Ethylene Glycol 15
Vegetable oil 40
Corn Syrup 50 – 100
Maple Syrup 150 – 200
Tomato Juice 180
Molasses 5,000 -10,000
Mayonnaise 5,000
Honey 10,000
Chocolate Syrup 25,000
Ketchup 50,000
Mustard 70,000
Sour Cream 100,000
Peanut Butter 250,000

*Chart should be used for reference only