Anderson-Negele 200 Micro-based 1/4 DIN Single Loop Controller



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The AIC 200 is a 1/4 DIN microprocessor based, single loop controller. It will control a variety of processes including those requiring simple on-off to dual 4-20mA outputs with full PID. Thermocouple and RTD linearization are automatic. Thermocouple cold junction compensation is also accomplished automatically. Input type changes are easily made by an operator. The AIC 200 is designed to provide reliable operation in sanitary environments. An advanced input circuit design, an efficient switching power supply, and self diagnostics provide for a high degree of immunity to environmental electrical noise, reduce heat build-up, and increase instrument life. The AIC 200 is one of the easiest controllers to use with all operations and programming done with a minimum of keystrokes. The keypad features 3 large keys with tactile feedback that respond crisply even when an operator is wearing gloves.