Anderson-Negele EL “Extended Life” Series Pressure Gauge (90mm)



Product Line


Anderson’s “EL” Gauge was designed with one criterion in mind – reliability. Sanitary pressure gauges are subjected to repeated process and environmental abuse in the form of vibration, pulsation, harsh cleaning chemicals, wide temperature and humidity swings. It has been designed to be the toughest, most reliable gauge for any sanitary application up to 1,000 psig. With over 30 years of experience building and repairing hundreds of thousands of gauges from a dozen different suppliers, Anderson has identified and addressed all these key causes of premature failure in food, dairy, and beverage processing applications. What’s more, the “EL” has undergone the most extensive reliability tests of any Anderson product, both in the field on customer’s toughest applications, and in accelerated tests that equate to years of constant pressure, temperature, and cleaning cycles.