Anderson-Negele HH Compact Pressure Transmitter



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Ever walk through a beverage facility and see small industrial style pressure transmitters with Tri-Clamps® on skids or vendor supplied equipment? If so, then you have probably seen OEM supplied transmitters failing due to lack of durability or moisture ingression. Anderson’s “HH” compact sanitary pressure transmitter for beverage and dairy is just the right replacement for harsh environments and tight piping clearances on OEM skids. Although designed to be an economical OEM replacement transmitter, the “HH” does not skimp on the traditional Anderson values of accuracy, long service life and rugged durability. As with the rest of the Anderson transmitter family the “HH” is sealed from the environment with fully potted electronics and a heavy duty welded stainless enclosure. Conceived from the onset as a sanitary transmitter, yet built to thrive in wet hostile environments, the “HH” is not just a shiny industrial sensor with a Tri-Clamp® welded or screwed on.

The “HH” is also designed for convenience. Beneath the o-ring sealed cover are test points allowing simple meter attachment to verify output without breaking into the loop. Conventional zero and span potentiometer provides intuitive calibration adjustments eliminating the need to study a manual or memorize menu sequences to confirm calibration. Wiring the “HH” to your loop is as simple as plugging a connector into the receptacle.

Simple, sanitary, rugged, and waterproof the “HH” extends Anderson’s Sanitary by Design concept into the realm of economical pressure transmitters.