Anderson-Negele LA Life Sciences Series “Top Mount” Level Transmitter



Product Line


Hundreds of customers have proven for themselves that the Anderson’s dual-diaphragm technology level transmitters are the clear choice for monitoring liquid inventory levels in virtually any atmospheric storage application. But, what about:

Level applications where bottom access is not available?

Sterile applications where a seal in the product contact zone is not preferable?

Ball-float sensors that can’t measure to the bottom of the vessel?

Other top-mount solutions that fail unexpectedly due to probe coating, lack of conductivity, and mechanical failure?

For these tough applications, Anderson now offers the “LA” series of top-mount level transmitters. The design is based on our proven “SX” platform which provides the industry’s best accuracy, temperature stability, and reliability. The “LA” is simple to specify, install and calibrate. It easily replaces problematic devices such as ball floats, pneumatics, capacitance probes and magneto-strictive sensors. It pays for itself almost immediately by providing more accurate fill levels with less downtime for cleaning and maintenance.