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Aflex Bioflex Ultra is a smoothbore, highly flexible, PTFE lined hose. Its design overcomes the disadvantages of conventional smoothbore and convoluted PTFE flexible hose designs, dramatically improving on many of their individual technical performance parameters.

The key feature of Bioflex Ultra PTFE hose is the PTFE liner design, which comprises integral rib sections which support the tube against kinking, vacuum and pressure, and highly compressed web sections which gives a smoothbore inner surface and excellent flexibility.

Another feature of Bioflex Ultra is the integral PTFE lined and flared end fitting design which is available for all the standard end fittings on Bioflex Hose Assemblies. This Bioflex Ultra feature provides clean, full-bore flow through the end fitting without any entrapment points – unlike conventional fittings, which introduce a bore restriction, also a crevice at the end of the fitting tail. This PTFE lining also protects the end fitting from any corrosive media passing through the hose bore. Today, Bioflex Ultra has become the established standard in process fluids applications all over the world, and continues to be introduced into new applications every day.

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