BTD52L Clean Steam Thermo-Dynamic® Clean Steam Traps


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Spirax Sarco

Thermo-Dynamic® traps are more suited to constant pressure applications, where small amounts of uncontaminated condensate are present, such as in steam main drainage and in-line filter sterilization applications. The compact BTD52L Thermo-Dynamic® steam trap is available in a wide range of sizes with screwed, Tri-Clamp® compatible or extended tube end connections. Clean, tight shut-off at steam saturation temperature without a water seal eliminates waste of valuable clean steam. Actual material certification is available as standard for the BTD52L tube end and Tri-Clamp® compatible versions.


Sizes: 1/4″ to 1/2″

Materials of Construction:316L Stainless Steel

Maximum Operating Pressure: 150PSIG

Maximum Operating Temperature: 850 Deg F