Metal Detectable/X-Ray Inspectable Gaskets


Rubber Fab

Rubber Fab’s Detectomer® X-Ray Inspectable and Metal Detectable elastomeric products include Tri-Clamp® gaskets, screens, orifice plates, camlock gaskets/screens, rod, sheet, and scraper blades and are available in a wide variety of sizes and elastomers. Over time and repeated clean-in-place, sterilization, and handling during equipment cleaning, component parts used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing equipment and pipework can degrade. As the elastomer degrades, there is a high risk of rubber fragments breaking off, resulting in product contamination, product recall, lost product and down time.

Designed to work with existing sanitary stainless steel Tri-Clamp piping and hose systems, Rubber Fab’s line of Detectomers™ can be spotted by in-line x-ray inspection and metal detection systems as well as magnetic separators. Detectomer fragments as small as 1mm can easily be detected allowing your system to quickly reject contaminated product allowing worn parts to be replaced without great expense or costly down-time. We can help you test and adjust your system according to manufacturer’s guidelines for sensitivity with our sensitivity seeding kit.