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Pharmaline X is a unique, genuinely smooth bore PTFE lined hose product based on the patented PTFE hose liner design developed for Bioflex hose. Pharmaline X is designed to overcome the very poor flexibility of currently available PTFE tube products. It can replace conventional all-silicone rubber hoses in applications where the inner silicone rubber liner may be subject to chemical reaction with fluids passing through, which may either contaminate the fluid, or degrade the rubber liner. Pharmaline X is also designed to offer a replacement for silicone rubber hose and tube, providing much better steam and chemical resistance and much improved ease of cleaning. Pharmaline X hose assemblies are manufactured in ‘clean room’ conditions and meet USP VI, FDA and all other specification requirements.

Unlike Pharmaline N, Pharmaline X does not include an SS wire braid in its construction, and so is more suitable for low pressure, light duty applications. The silicone rubber cover over the PTFE tube is transparent, permitting some visual inspection of fluids passing through.

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