Quantex Series 20



Product Line


The Series 20 pump has a flowrate of 0-27ml/s at 10RPS. Depending on the application, up to 30ml/s can be achieved by running the pumps at 11RPS. The 20mm rotor carries 2 cavities each with a resolution of 1.35ml. A range of pump configurations provide in-pump dilution, valves and mixers on the outlet. Low pressure and high pressure pumps are also available. LR-20 Dilution pumps can manage any dilution ratio from 1:1 to 1:30 where the concentrate flow rate is up to 27ml/s. The diluent flow rate is controlled by pressure regulation and a custom orifice moulded into the pump.

To evaluate the technology and choose the best configuration for your application, evaluation kits consisting of a motor, custom controller, easy to use software and step-by-step instructions are available. See the documents below for the full range of pump and evaluation kit specifications.