Sanitary Orifice Plate Gaskets


Rubber Fab

There’s a new standard in orifice plate gasket design. Offered in a concentric or eccentric self draining configuration, our sanitary orifice plate prevents dead legs, maintains flow while assuring self drainage thereby eliminating the potential for soil retention.

Our innovative Orifice Plate gasket line includes a complete selection from 1/2″ through 6″ size range in both eccentric and concentric drilled plates as well as a solid plate design! Tabbed Orifice Plates and clamps are also available . Tabs help to acknowledge that an orifice plate is “in the line” and are engraved to indicate the hole diameter. A major safety consideration! Rubber Fab’s Orifice Plates can advance your system’s performance, adjust flow rates, balance backflow and equalize backpressure during SIP procedures. Achievable benefits while maintaining sanitary conditions.