Thermaline Corrugated Heat Exchangers



Product Line


Thermaline Corrugated Heat Exchangers use a corrugated heat exchange surface to induce turbulence, alternating parallel grooves and ridges to increase heat transfer efficiency. Inducing turbulent flow results in less total surface area required to achieve the desired tehrmal results. Turbulent flow promotes thorough mixing of the product and even thermal disbursement without compromising product integrity.

Thermaline’s innovative design allows the tubes to freely expand and contract independently which diminishes material fatigue and failure. Tubes can be arranged in either direct or indirect regeneration. Direct product regeneration can yield more than 80% in energy savings. Indirect product regeneration can recover energy from thermal waste streams in other areas of your facility, reducing thermal pollution and increasing energy savings.

The product flow and heating/cooling media flow are separated in concentric lengths of sanitary tubing. The unit has no moving parts, is easy to clean, easy to inspect, and easy to maintain. Tube ends, with their sanitary clamp design, can be easily removed for QC inspections and maintenance.

The strategically-positioned elastomers eliminate the possibility of product intermixing. If a leak were to develop from an elastomer failure, the fluid would be vented to the atmosphere so it can be quickly identified and repaired. The Floating Series eliminates blind, internally-positioned elastomers that can lead to cross contamination.