TYGON® 3370 I.B. Silicone Hose



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Braid reinforced for increased pressure resistance, TYGON® 3370 I.B. silicone hose is frequently specified in the most demanding applications requiring sanitary transfer of fluids. Its smooth inner surface reduces the risk of particle entrapment and inhibits excessive residue and microscopic bacterial build-up; cleaning and sterilization cycles may become more effective as a result. Additionally, an improvement in fluid flow characteristics may occur from the reduced surface area and lowered absorption of fluids to the wall.

TYGON® 3370 I.B. can easily withstand repeated SIP and CIP cleaning and sterilization cycles, making it ideal for repeat-use applications. Its flexibility, durability, and chemical and temperature resistance provide a unique combination of characteristics required in many pharmaceutical, biotechnology, laboratory, food, beverage, cosmetic, environmental, and industrial applications

TYGON® 3370 I.B. hose complies fully with the requirements of the USP Class VI Criteria and is entirely non-toxic, non-hemolytic and non-pyrogenic. Continued monitoring of the hose also ensures minimal bioburden levels are maintained. TYGON® 3370 I.B. hose also meets 3-A Sanitary Standard No. 18-01 and FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600 criteria. TYGON® 3370 I.B. silicone hose has a Master File with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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