The Anderson EL Series Gauge: The Roughest and Toughest in Sanitary Pressure Gauges

December 10, 2013
Anderson EL Sanitary Pressure Gauge

Anderson EL Sanitary Pressure Gauge

What exactly is an EL sanitary pressure Gauge? Anderson sanitary pressure gauges are precision devices for use in pressure-reliant processes in applications all through the sanitary fluid process industries. They are used to monitor pressure in and around equipment such as pumps, homogenizers, separators, heat exchangers and filters.  These gauges are created and built to tolerate the unsympathetic environmental and process situations such as vibration, pulsation, harsh cleaning chemicals, a wide temperature and humidity changes habitually faced in such applications.  In short they are built to be the go to, rugged choice in the pressure gauge market.

Anderson’s  EL Series 90mm sanitary pressure gauge is intended to be one of  the strongest, most trustworthy gauge for  a sanitary application up to 1000 psig. The EL also has the smallest, slimmest profile in the industry without any loss in readability or operation.

To begin, let’s explain why the EL gauge was designed in the first place. Anderson’s “EL” Gauge was designed with one motive in mind – Dependability

The “EL” has endured the most extensive dependability tests by Anderson of any of their products,  in the field and on customer’s roughest applications and in enhanced tests that associate years of constant pressure, temperature, and cleaning cycles.  This gauge got its design after 30 years of building and repairing other manufacturers’ sanitary gauges.  During these years Anderson was able to pick out and address all the issues that cause premature failure of gauges.
Because of its size the “EL” will fit impeccably in your tightest, and survive in your harshest. Common applications to utilize an Anderson EL Pressure gauge would be in Pasteurization, Process Lines, Sanitary pressure dependent processes and Filtration.

Some of the features of this instrument include an all welded, 300 series stainless steel case, mechanical dampening ( recommended for high pulsation processes) or traditional case-fill ( 100% glycerin , (food grade)  are available. Standard capillary fill is 80% food grade glycerin and 20% de-ionized water. Propylene glycol (Neobee-20) is offered as an alternative for brewery applications.  Re-zero Feature (Standard with compound gages), distinctive bezel design case brings forth low, narrow profile and most favorable crystal protection. Fitting sizes available range from 1 ½ up to 3” in a variety of types of connections.

Fast delivery time too! Standard 2 – 3 day will assure you can get it when need you need it.

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