Working with Metal Sensitive Pharmaceutical Products

November 2, 2009
Plastic Manifold

Skech of Non-Metalic Sanitary Manifold

Has your company ever tried manufacturing Metal Sensitive Products?  If so, have you had trouble sourcing sanitary parts and equipment to be able to produce this type of product?  Holland Applied Technologies recently provided polymer tanks, manifolds and fittings to a customer that needed to produce metal sensitive products.

Most polymer tanks are Polypropylene or PVDF (Kynar) material and can be either portable or stationary.  Polymer sanitary fittings are welded into the tank and can be connected to polymer diaphragm or ball valves outside the tank.  Mixers for the tanks can be coated to provide no metal contact surfaces.  Special length piping can be provided with sanitary ends that are then clamped together at the desired locations.  Polymer manifolds can also be fabricated to customer length dimensions such as the one shown above.

Single-use flexible tubing and peristaltic pumps can be one means of transferring liquid to a filling device.  Multiple head filling devices can be accommodated with silicone flex manifolds.  Polymer filling needles or specially coated filling needles can be attached and gamma irradiated or sterilized with the flex manifolds prior to customer receiving.

Please contact us with any questions regarding mixing, transferring or filling any Metal Sensitive Products.