Gamajet Tank Cleaning Equipment

December 11, 2012

The Gamajet Line of Rotary Tank Cleaners

“Tank cleaning is the number one culprit in water consumption/waste, as well as a major cause for lost production and revenue due to tank downtime”

Gamajet is one of the leading tank cleaning spray nozzle manufacturers in the country.  Holland Applied Technologies and Gamajet have partnered recently to give our customers the best choice in tank cleaning capabilities.

Many types of spray devices are available in the food and pharmaceutical industry for cleaning tanks.  Anything from standard spray balls to rotary wetting devices to Rotary Impingement Technology.  Gamajet uses the Rotary Impingement Technology to get the most efficient and cost effective cleaning of the customer’s vessel.

While Time, Temperature, and Chemical action all play an important role in the cleaning process, it is the Mechanical Force that provides the best cleaning action.  Gamajet’s unique solution for each application guarantees a repeatable pattern each time a vessel is cleaned.  Every application is engineered to its specific needs and each nozzle that is sold is 100% tested before leaving the factory.  The Mechanical Force created from the Gamajet nozzles help customers decrease the amount of time needed for tank cleaning and in turn, use much less water and chemical in the process.  Many customer’s Return On Investment for purchasing the nozzle is less than two months time.

Gamajet offers a wide variety of nozzles to cover any application.  Cleaning tanks from 200ft diameter all the way down to 55 gallon drums.  The nozzles are designed to fit through small openings in tanks and totes.  Accessories are available to aid in positioning, validation of cleaning, and water/chemical supply.
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