A Sanitary PD Pump That Is Easy to CIP

January 4, 2012

Twin Auger Sanitary Pump

Ever try to use a Sanitary Positive Displacement (PD) Pump to pump product then CIPsolution?  Most PD pumps are capable of pumping product, but are not capable of pumping enough Clean In Place (CIP) solution to achieve proper cleaning in the sanitary pipeline downstream of the pump.  The speed in which the PD pump can run limits its capability to achieve the high flow rates needed to clean downstream piping.  Thus most food processing facilities have to put bypass lines around their PD pumps and use an additional centrifugal or a supply pump to achieve proper flow rate/velocity for good cleaning.

The Twin Screw Pump is however one type of PD pump capable of pumping both product and CIP solution without the use of a bypass line around the pump and without the use of a secondary centrifugal pump.  Twin Screw Pumps can be ran at lower speeds for products that may be shear sensitive, viscous or require low flow rates.  It can then be turned to nearly 3000 RPM to achieve higher flow rates with CIP solution for cleaning downstream piping.  The capability of running at these higher RPM’s gives the  Twin Screw Pump the advantage over many types of PD pumps now on the market.

Other advantages of the Twin Screw Pump include –

  • Capability of being run at speeds to 3000RPM means not having a gear reducer as most PD Pumps require – the Bornemann can be direct driven with a standard motor
  • Capable of running dry – the pump can be ran dry without damage for a number of minutes unlike many other types of PD pumps
  • Capable of pumping Multi-phase solutions – air entrained water or product will not cause cavitation in the  Twin Screw pump
  • Capable of running two directions – top inlet / side discharge  OR  side inlet / top discharge….it doesn’t matter and can be changed simply by reversing the motor

Twin Auger Design

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