Call Holland for the Hard Stuff

January 28, 2012

In dealing with many pharmaceutical companies, we are asked if we know where to find specialty items to aid in manufacturing of product.

Custom Stainless Steel Pliers

Recently, Holland was asked to fabricate a pair of reverse acting, spring loaded pliers that could be used inside an isolator to easily moved filled vials.  The pliers had to be manufactured from stainless steel and had to be able to be used in an isolator with the use of gloves.  After an extensive search by our client, we were asked to fabricate this device.
The Holland Fabrication Group quickly came up with an acceptable design.  We fabricated a set of reverse acting, spring loaded, stainless steel pliers with a custom hook device, with removable silicone inserts so that the pliers will not scratch or damage the vials while they are being moved from one piece of equipment to another.  The pliers were developed to be able to remove the vial from a rack and also from a table top.  The “hook” design was has a multiple bend radius so that this is possible with one tool.
From concept, to quote, to drawing, to a final product, the entire project lasted two weeks.  Currently, these pliers are being trialed by several people in the production facility and there will be several more sets of pliers that will be fabricated.  This set of pliers will be used on 13mm vials and there are discussions on developing similar pliers for other size vials, syringes, and ampoules.