Eliminate Seal Problems – New Mechanical Seals Available from Waukesha/SPX

May 24, 2012
Waukesha U2 Single Mechanical Seal

Waukesha U2 Single Mechanical Seal

Holland Applied Technologies has had some customers recently eliminate their seal problems with a new single mechanical seal from Waukesha / SPX.  Many products are abrasive and/or sticky so mechanical seals tend to either wear quickly or become stuck together when the pump is not running.  In order to combat this problem, Waukesha/SPX has developed a special seal for their Universal Series Pumps and for their Scrape Surface Heat Exchangers Votator II models.   These new seals fit into new and existing pumps and heat exchangers.

When pumping either an abrasive product or something that is sticky, the typical mechanical seal may have 1/8” to ¼” of the surface the rotating seal riding against the stationary seal.  This wide or thick surface allows product to build up on or between the two surfaces allowing wear and leakage to occur.  This same surface also allows sticky products more surface area to adhere together.  When the pump is shut down for a period of time, the two surfaces may become stuck together then break apart causing cracks/chips in seal as the pump starts up again.

Many pump manufacturers will recommend Double Flushed Mechanical Seals but the end user is then forced to use a flushing material that could possibly integrate into the end product causing Quality problems.  Many end users simply cannot use a double flushed seal because of the risk from contamination.

To prevent these problems, Waukesha has come out with a Narrow Face Single Mechanical Seal that now has less surface area for these problems to occur.  The Narrow Face prevents buildup and has less surface area for products to adhere to.   Please contact Holland Applied Technologies at 800-800-8464 for more information on this New Narrow Face Seal to help prevent similar problems in your facility.