Food Industry Safety Laws Focusing on Prevention

November 20, 2012

Producers and consumers alike have a heightened awareness of the importance of sanitary processing conditions in the food industry. In the past month alone, the United States has seen salmonella in its peanut butter and related products; possible metallic foreign objects in its organic bread; and E. coli bacteria in ground beef.  The continuing meningitis outbreak, while arising in the pharmaceutical industry, also thrusts the need for contamination prevention into the public eye.
As the vast Food Safety Modernization Act continues implementation, food facilities are reviewing their existing processes and equipment, taking measures to prevent contamination, and continually monitoring these systems for effectiveness, making additional changes as necessary.  Compliance also includes science-based standards for the safe production (and harvesting) of fruits and vegetables.  On the FDA’s part, they are working to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their inspection systems, as well as increasing scrutiny of food imports.  Non-compliant food companies face stiff fines.

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