Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing w/ Graco Saniforce 2.0 AODD

June 10, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the global demand for hand sanitizer and surface disinfectants. Have you considered converting or increasing your product offering to include such products? Graco’s line of SaniForce 2.0 air and electric double diaphragm pumps are powerful solutions to assist with converting your current processes to sanitizers and disinfectants.Graaco Saniforce 2.0

Last year, Graco Inc., a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, launched the SaniForce® 2.0 line of new and redesigned sanitary equipment. The SaniForce 2.0 line includes container unloading equipment for evacuation of medium to high-viscosity materials, and food-grade, high-sanitation, large particle, 3A-certified and pharmaceutical-grade diaphragm pumps in both air and electric models. Systems are configurable to fit each customer’s unique needs. All SaniForce 2.0 equipment is FDA compliant with quick knockdown designs for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

Graco’s Food Grade (FG) pumps offer a 125 Ra fluid section surface finish and is designed for rigorous, continuous use with a quick knockdown design for easy cleanability. The High Sanitation (HS) pumps offers a 32 Ra electropolished finished and increases durability and reduces repair time with fewer moving parts. The HS pumps are ideal for personal care, cosmetics, and high care food ingredients. The Large Particle (LP) pumps are built to handle solids up to 3.8 inches in diameter making it ideal for meat & poultry, fruit filling materials and ice cream variegates. The 3-A approved pumps offer a 32 Ra electropolished finish with a single piece manifold equipped and leak sensors installed with optional control box. Lastly, the Pharmaceutical (PH) pumps is USP Class IV approved with 20 Ra electropolished finish and a single piece manifold.

Graco pumps increase your profitability with reduced operating costs. High energy efficiency air and electric motors reduce energy costs. High quality component parts last longer reducing required maintenance. Factory-tested and field-proven Graco’s professional transfer equipment is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA with global components.

As it pertains to current events, the Saniforce line of AODD pumps is perfect for handling a range of personal care and hand sanitizing products that we anticipate will see elevated demand for the foreseeable future. Graco’s FG series of pumps offer exceptional value per volumetric unit pumped and with a simple siphon kit can evacuate viscous hand sanitizing gels for less than $3,500. The Graco FG series offers superior performance to drum length electric pumps and extreme cost competitiveness to other unloading solutions. Additionally, because most Graco pumps are air operated, there are far fewer hazardous location considerations (no XP motors required).

Clearly, Graco’s SaniForce diaphragm pumps are designed to cover the most rigorous food, beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical transfer applications. Feel free to reach out to a Holland Sales Engineer today for help with your application.