Increasing Hose Life While Reducing Cost and Increasing Cleanliness

November 14, 2009

A large pharmaceutical customer was using another supplier brand of Teflon smooth bore hose with a stainless steel braid to transfer product. The hoses were regularly exposed to CIP / SIP cycles after processing.  They had three main concerns to address. Hoses life was short due to kinking and the exposed stainless steel braid was a cleanliness concern as well as a handling issue if damaged.

The Holland Sales Representative was asked to observe the process and hose layout in the plant and recommend solutions. Convoluted hose was not an option and covers over the stainless braiding had been an issue in the past due to steam permeation (off gassing) through the Teflon, which would blow up the covers and cause them to rip prematurely.  The hoses were of various sizes and most were being used in tight quarters where heavy covered hoses were not an option due to flexibility.
Aflex PharmalineHolland offered a truly new smooth bore Teflon lined hose, Aflex Pharmaline.  The Pharmaline hose is a smooth inner bore Teflon hose with tight convolutions on the OD of the Teflon liner allowing a tighter bend radius without kinking. Pharmaline is wrapped with a stainless steel over braid and a tight fitting white silicone relief cover to prevent cover bubbling and keeping the hose from attracting impurities.
Pharmaline offers all the purity, pressure and temperature benefits of smooth Teflon with maximum flexibility.  After trying Pharmaline the customer is switching over all hoses in this plant to the Pharmaline advantage.