Introducing the New Sani-Tech® Ultra Silicone Tube

September 16, 2009

Silicone Tube  represents the next generation in ultra-pure platinum-cured silicone tubing. Features like ultra-low extractables and longer pump life were engineered into Ultra  to meet the stringent requirements of the biopharmaceutical market.


Sani-Tech® Ultra
 Sani-Tech® Ultra formulations are manufactured and packaged in a certified clean room from the finest grade of silicone materials, and ultra-low TOCs ensure that contamination by extractables is kept to an absolute minimum, and the formulation imparts no taste or odors.  Sani-Tech® Ultra is available in 19 different Id sizes, from 0.12″ ID to 1.0″ID with multiple wall thicknesses available in every size.  Multiple lengths are available including spools.
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