Jacketed Sanitary Tube Assemblies

November 21, 2009

Jacketed Sanitary Elbows and Tee

A Core Competency of Holland Applied Technologies

This month Holland Applied provided (3) customers jacketed sanitary tube assemblies one to two days after receipt of orders. Two of these three customers operate globally and one is a large domestic food manufacturer.

In the 3rd Quarter of 2009 Holland Applied shipped two complete sanitary jacketed tubing systems to two customers to convey chocolate. These two unrelated chocolate delivery system projects included jacketed tanks, pump heads, valves, strainers, elbows, crosses, and straight runs of jacketed sanitary tubing. Additional items provided on these projects were hot water sources for the water jackets, jacket jumpers, back pressure valves, relief valves, clamps, and gaskets.

If your company needs are a single jacketed sanitary fitting or a complete new sanitary jacketed distribution system, contact Holland Applied. Holland’s competent staff and fabricators can meet or exceed your quality expectations and delivery needs.