Multi-Purpose UHT Pilot Plant

September 14, 2011

SPX UHT Pilot System

Many of our customers have an R&D division where they can test various food products.  A Multi-Purpose UHT Pilot Plant can be utilized in their facility to accomplish many of these tests using just one piece of equipment.  Holland Applied Technologies can offer assistance in the specifications, design and installation of this type of UHT system.

The UHT Pilot Plant System is designed many times for a variable rate between 75-150 Liters/Hour  (approx 0.3 to 0.6 gallons per minute) and an approx batch size of up to 25 Liters.  The system is perfect for product trials before scaling up to commercial full scale production.  It has a relative small footprint and comes pre-assembled as a skidded unit already factory tested.

The UHT Pilot Plant offers the following options –

  1. Indirect Heating via plate/frame heat exchanger, type SIH
  2. Direct Infusion heating with flash cooling, type SDH
  3. Direct Injection heating, type SDI
  4. Pasteurization and hold tube
  5. Homogenization
  6. Aseptic capability
  7. Scrape surface heat exchanger

Please contact us at Holland Applied Technologies if you have any questions or would like to learn more about UHT systems.